mercredi 11 décembre 2013

11.12.13. AUXERRE

So sorry not to have updated for a couple of months but time has flown by, and here we are ready to return to the UK for our individual family Christmases...!!!
Our return to Auxerre was not without problems as the current of the Yonne was very strong and we were going against it. We had had so much rain that the water was very high, bordering on the spring levels and a little bit scarey.....

The water was calm and still in the Burgundy canal of course, this was taken as we left Montbard.
This is some sort of dredger that went into the lock before us at Tonnere despite the fact that we had booked our time slot and meant we had to wait 45 mins while it locked through in the middle of the canal and in the pouring rain.......

 This is the top of a double lock near the end of the canal, with pretty and well cared for gardens.
 This is my view from the front of the boat near the bottom of the lock.
My view looking towards the wheelhouse and John.
At last the lock door opened and we passed through another unused lock joined to the last lock!
 John was wearing his new veggie hat which I knitted for him after making several baby hats in this style for a friend who was having twins...he requested one like them so he got it!!
 Beautiful sunset at Migennes
 Fungus exhibition at Migennes, we had no idea there were so many different varieties, and available locally too! They were all fresh specimens!
 And of course in true French style made to look so delicious, even if the contents were inedible!!

Two examples of topiary at Migennes.
We stayed at Migennes for five nights and then moved onto the Yonne with its fearsome current.
 The current is pouring through the sluice gates making our entry into the lock rather hazardous.
 The autumnal colours were quite breathtaking.
 Back in our winter moorings, we had the usual nightly funfair for little children each evening until 8pm behind us
 Our normal winter place with four stares of wood installed neatly on our roof.
 Nigel and Patrice ( he's sporting his new bandanna harness!)
We spent a lovely sunday with our old friends from last winter who decided to moor at Briare...we miss them in Auxerre but we had a lovely day and Patrice met his old friend Tashi again. They really get on very well together.
Our excitement at the coming festival season was marred somewhat by a young man jumping into the river from the pedestrian bridge at the port here last Saturday. He was seen to be swimming towards the hotel boat when he disappeared, and has not yet been recovered. The police frogmen have been out on a daily basis but they haven't found his body, the Yonne can be a very viscious river and is not to be taken lightly.....
However on a more cheerful note, Happy Christmas  and a Prosperous New Year to All, and here's Patrice in his seasonal hat to bring you good cheer.....we will be back next year!!!

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