jeudi 3 octobre 2013

03.10.13 Pont Royal, Burgundy

I cant believe how quickly the time has gone since our last entry but here's a resume of what we've been up to!! We left Besancon and went to Abergemont-la-Ronce where we stayed for 2 nights. We found an abandoned bicycle in the bushes, which John has now repaired, so we are now a 3 bicycle boat!! John has named it "Little Blue".


Patrice made a new friend here, but we were amazed at the size of this dog!!! We then moved on to Auxonne which I really wanted to visit as it had a Napoleon museum.... however just my luck it was closed for refurbishment!!!

Our first glimpse of Auxonne.

The fantastic Medieval Market place.

Napoleon (My Hero) with me nestling below.....

The twisted spire of the church!

Triathlon runners

 Triathlon swimmers

 Triathlon cyclists
Our last weekend there, they held a triathlon, 20Km run, 1.5Km swim and 40Km cycle.. we felt quite worn out watching them.....!! It was a nice town but spoilt by the horrid people on speed boats and jetskis who went so fast that they knocked everything off our walls with the huge waves they set up. They even managed to break the glass on one of our pictures! We left there in the company of our new friends on Connemara on 9th September and returned to St Jean de Losne.
Connemara entering the lock at Auxonne behind us.
We spent one night moored under the bridge in a hotel boat space and then went to Blanquarts where we moored along side of our old friend from last winter, Gesina. Nigel was away in the south of France but Maggie was there. John went back to the UK leaving Patrice and me on the boat. I had Maggie's company for 4 nights but then Nigel reclaimed her so I had to say goodbye to them and brave it on my own!

Nigel and Maggie leaving on their way to Canal de Centre.
Waving goodbye to Gesina.

Patrice's new friend "Scoobidoo"
Eventually John returned, with a dreadful cold , so we spent the weekend at Blanquarts and set off on our return journey to Auxerre on 23rd September. We settled our bill after some haggling as they had overcharged their quote for the stay by 40 euros... but it got sorted in the end. Still not sure how they could charge us the same for our 13 nights as they did for Maggie's month!!!
We spent 2 nights in Dijon, where we had hoped to see our friend Elodie again but she wasnt available. we journeyed up the canal and after a few nights found ourselves at Pouilly, having come through the long 3KM tunnel, where the lights were broken for the last Km...!!
We spent 2 nights at Pouilly and left there this morning, and now we are at Pont Royal. Tomorrow we tackle the staircase locks, there are 37 locks in 12Km so an early night is called for tonight!!
Red Kites soaring in the sky above us this afternoon!

Our moorings in the evening sun at Pont Royal.

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