vendredi 19 juillet 2013

19.07.13 Aveney

This morning we set off from our moorings by the weir and went through amazing countryside, varying from huge open stretches of mountainous river to man-made canalised sections.
 At Thoraise there is a tunnel which has  a curtain of water at the beginning and end of the tunnel. The water is turned off using our electrical lock opener gizmo, but you can see the water still flowing at the other end of the tunnel as we entered!

 It has an amazing light show on the roof of the tunnel too.
 At the exit there is a lovely little Madonna statue set into the rock face.
 Huge open stretches of river
 A derelict castle high up on the mountainside.
 A closer view of the castle
 Mr Heron watching our boat very warily..!
 We entered a huge double lock, through these gates first.
 Then straight into another lock.
 a canalised part of the Doubs.
Our moorings for tonight.
So we are now at Aveney, moored by the side of the canal, we shall hopefully get to the walled City of Besancon when we next move.

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