vendredi 19 juillet 2013

10.07.13 Dole

We moved from Choisey to Dole on 25.06.13 where we had lovely moorings in the port with free electricity and water (eventually we found some water but it took a while..)
Our first sights of Dole from the water

Dole is known as 'Little venice ' for obvious reasons!
The town is Medieval and this can be seen in the architecture

This bit of unnavigable canal runs behind Louis Pasteur's birthplace, where we went to a fascinating museum.
An underground wash house, I wouldn't fancy doing my washing here!

Louis Pasteur's birthplace and Museum
 There was a BMX cycle endurance race whilst we there where they cycled up and down the very steep passages from 6pm to midnight to see how long they could race for!

They cycled down this steep narrow passage and there were some very near misses at the bottom with the pedestrians...!!

The stained glass windows were just amazing, and the church was one of the most beautiful I've seen in France so far!

Whilst the cycle race went on we stopped for a drink at this café as our favourite group of gentlemen were playing, it was really great live music and we had a lovely evening.
Our friends (Nigel and Mags on Gesina) who we spent last winter with at Auxerre arrived and passed a lovely week with us with many an evening spent over a bottle of wine and also a spontaneous curry evening caused by inclement weather!! Nigel discovered the water so we moored alongside to get our tanks filled and then moved back to our moorings.
However the city life palled and so we moved on to pastures new on the 10th July....

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