mardi 4 juin 2013

Tuesday 04.06.13

We finally made it to Dijon last Friday, five days before we were due to arrive for the Dutch Barge Association Summer Rally, but the journey did have its problems......

We left Pouilly in light drizzle which became heavier when we got out the other side...
The 2 above pictures are the entrance to the 3Km tunnel.

These 3 pictures are roughly from the beginning of the tunnel, the middle and the end of the tunnel in sight!!

The canal is certainly very peaceful and beautiful but the water levels were very high indeed!
 One of the locks.

The view from our moorings at Pont d'Ouche. Unfortunately our journey then took a turn for the worse. We moored in the turning circle at Gissey sur Ouche but didn't like the atmosphere there, everyone we have spoken to says the same.... so we decided to move through the bridge when John discovered that we had no reverse gear! The followed two day of John working in the engine room in the pouring rain resulting in him breaking the morse cable.
He rigged up a system with bits of string in order to change gear, but had to drive with the wheelhouse floor up and the roof off (because of the fumes)......
One of the very pretty lock cottages on the way to Dijon. These guys obviously don't approve of the Ikea advert.....

This heron wasn't at all phased by our passing him and stood his ground!
We spent nights at Fleurey sur Ouche ( a very pretty mooring but we were plagued by ants there!) the moved on to Velars sur Ouche for fuel and to visit the supermarket. We had a bit of an altercation there with the master race who had moored their tiny cruiser in the middle of the quai meaning we could not fit on at all. At last after much fiddling by John with the strings we managed to moor, and despite the unfriendliness we had not got the energy to move again that night! The next day we completed our trip and arrived at the Port in Dijon.
Dijon had a "Port weekend" last weekend with bouncy castles and stalls with interesting demonstrations like lacemaking, I think I might try this next winter.
A little boy operating his "horsey trike".

The above 2 pictures show a demonstration by life saver dogs, this was quite impressive but very noisy!

We were not sure what this sign meant outside the resident "Pub Barge"....
This has to win the prize for most hideous paintwork!

Two geese proudly showing off their baby.

An interesting sculpture we found in the middle of Dijon yesterday.
 So that is our story up until today, although we found a boat repair van yesterday here in the port who had morse cables so we have bought one and hope to get it mended in the next couple of days. So we await our first barge rally, and will let you know about that in the next posting. These photos look as though we have had fabulous weather but this is a lie. We have now had three weeks plus of torrential rain with resultant flooding and river and canal closures so I hope the sun shines for the festival!!
As usual a cute picture of Patrice who made this nest in the grass at Pont d'Ouche.

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