lundi 24 juin 2013

Dijon Rally 06.06.13 - 09.06.13

We were pleased to be taking part in the Rally at Dijon at the beginning of June. It was lovely to see the Quai full of magnificent barges although the inhabitants were sometimes not as welcoming.......!! However we had a good time and were pleased to meet up with our friends on their barges, and we made new friends too!
 Puddle Stone nestled up with other much bigger barges on the quayside.

This little lad turned up most days and was rewarded with a lollipop!

Maggie and Nigel and (of course Tashi the dog) from Gesina joined us for a BBQ one evening.
 We took part in a Boules competition
 There was a rowing race around the island in the harbour.
And the Pompiers gave us a demo on how to rescue a drowning person, I do however, have my doubts that she would have lived as in true French style they took her clothes off before doing anything else.....!!
This barge's name caused much merriment though I think perhaps 'Daryl' didn't find it so funny...!!
Our good friends from Tesserae won the Boules competition, though someone was heard to say that they tried to swing it for one of the regulars to win...!!
We all had sunday lunch together which reminded me of the noise and looks of a school dining room but the food was good and plentiful. After lunch some of the barges started to leave and by Tuesday everyone had gone....
The barges on the right were all part of the rally 18 out of the expected 27 barges arrived but due to the awful weather the others were stranded elsewhere.

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