lundi 30 janvier 2012


Well, what a week for us!!! We have spent last week either entertaining or being entertained every day and so were really glad to have last weekend to ourselves to recuperate......

We had the folk from Philosophe and Oonderneming to dinner on Tuesday night, a good time was had by all and we staggered to bed at about 2am....

Wednesday we went to dinner with one of John's guitar pupils, Elodie, where we had a lovely evening too.... her husband is a vet (they had come to dinner the saturday before with us) and he gave Patrice a "tunnel" cat-toy to play with, it has become his favourite toy and if he isnt playing with it he is sleeping inside it!!!
The weather here has become much colder, and we are expecting -10 this week, I had better hurry up and finish our rainbow 'Dr Who' scarves to keep us warm!!!  John installed an extra layer to our double glazed 'dogbox', giving us triple glazing there as we are suffering with rain inside the living area !!

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