mardi 10 janvier 2012



Well, Christmas has been and gone and after our 16 days in the UK we returned to our boat on 28th December, very late at night.  We tried the Eurotunnel this time and were impressed by their efficiency of service but disappointed about the state of their trains.... Still it cut a sizeable lump off our travelling time and at Christmas was no more expensive than the ferry. We had used Sea France last time, and the service and boat were grim so it was no surprise to hear last night that they have now gone bust!!

Sadly I brought an unwanted Christmas present back in the shape of some nasty flu bug which struck me down all over New Year, and which John is now suffering with. It leaves you feeling so very washed out and I also coughed my back 'out', and although it is now, very slowly getting better, we did wonder whether we were going to need to use the french health service......

Father Christmas brought Patrice a very natty hat and coat which I knitted for him and in which he was very proud to pose for all our readers!!!!

This shows his french beret off very well but we had to take another to show off the coat properly

It is a sleeveless one and he appeared to take to wearing it OK but sadly it isnt cold enough yet.... However, if and when the snow strikes he will be well prepared, unlike the less fortunate local cats!!!!

We both had a lovely Christmas with our respective families and Darcey and Yvie looked wonderful in their beautiful christmas frocks.

We picked up Patrice from the cattery and as usual he went beserk when he saw us and now keeps one of us in his vision all the time. However he has got his passport ( a french one!!) so we will be able to take him with us in the future.

The weather here has been terrible with dull day after dull day, liberally interspersed with rain bucketing down like there is no tomorrow.... but we are warm and snug inside the boat so we are just patiently waiting out the time when we can move off on our travels again.

Patrice had a new cardboard box for Christmas too, so he has his own comfy place to snuggle up in, however he seems to be taking a liking for the hindu religion...........

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