mardi 21 juin 2011


We have spent the last 3 nights here and must say that it is a really nice spot, impossible to think that we are in such a large city as the surroundings here are lovely.... and free!! We have moored in the free part (no electricity or water, but we can get water from the other side and we have our generator) and it is great.
 Last night we played Boules with a team from a swiss ship!! Talk about competitive, but although they won they did not thrash us and we had quite a respectable score!
Having spent so much time in the canal from Pouilly with barely any wildlife the ducks, geese and swans are wonderful here, all proudly displaying their babies and teaching them how to beg!!!!!!

Baby swans
   Baby mandarin ducks....

Baby moorhens...only a mother could love these.....

There is a static barge 'Pub' here and we went for a quick drink saturday night, it is a lovely spot and they invited us to stay for the evening music free of charge but we declined.

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