mercredi 8 juin 2011

08.06.11 TUNNEL TRIP!!

We have just moored at Vandenesse after having completed our trip through the tunnel followed by 8 locks in quick succession!!! The tunnel at Pouilly-en Auxios was built between 1825 - 1832 and is exactly 3.348 Km 87cms!! The tunnel was exciting and took us 70 minutes to get through and having taken all the photos through the tunnel I realised on our exit that I had not put in a memory card..... I havent downloaded from the camera before but fortunately I managed it so here are a few pictures of our trip.
 Here we go.......
Tiny dot in the middle is the exit.....

Oh, I'm so artistic......!!!!

Daylight at last, wouldnt have made a good Count of Monte Christo....!!!!

Powerful Pierre escorts us out (don't know why!)

Long cut out of the tunnel

There were no people evident on this Hotel barge??? Maybe it's called the Marie-Celeste...... Hahaha!!
We are moored behind a hotel barge, only costs $3,000 for 4 days and 3 nights on board..... Ah well, must go and cook tea now.

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  1. How fun! We stayed on the Lady A in Vandenesse (permanently moored there) when we were taking a look at the barging life. Is it still there as a B & B? Have you met the lovely British couple who own the little tea shop in town? Delightful folks, he was in the British Navy, we stopped in to see them again last year as we were barge hunting. You have a great view of the Chateau and the town is worth the walk or ride up, great views, very charming. We are in Diou on the Lateral a la Loire! Happy Cruising!