dimanche 23 janvier 2011

Sunday 23.01.11

Well... we had our dinner party last night with 2 americans and 4 young french people... and it was a blast!! Quite literally. I cooked chicken curry and potato and chick pea curry and rice with side dishes and we all enjoyed it tremendously. After dessert, (provided by our american friends Rob and debbie) we went outside and let off John's Christmas present from Eleanor and Nick. Two massive 50 shot fireworks which caused quite a stir in sleepy old Auxerre!. We then returned to the boat and talked until the wee small hours with our new french friends.  We have been invited for a french meal at Adrien's house in chablis in a few weeks time, when we are promised a very good meal..... Goodee

From left to right Gabrielle, Adrien, Anne and Elio.

Today we were invited for drinks at lunchtime with another young couple whose wife and children came on our boat in the port last week. They made us so welcome and despite nursing hangovers from last night we managed to consume 2 more bottles of wine. Their 2 children were lovely and Gabriel (5 years) showed us his toys and was most entertaining. His mum Marie-Jose is a teacher and his dad Michel is an explosives expert who demolishes buildings and stone  in quarries. They showed us some of the videos of the buildings falling down. Their house dates from 14th century and is a lovely old building which they are doing up at the moment. They also have a delightful plump baby called Johanna, she smiled at everyone and allowed me to have a reminiscent long cuddle with her.  I dont, however, wish to return to work.....!!!!
We've now staggered back to the Puddle Stone and are repeating last Sundays evening with watching TV feeling slightly woozzyy..... More soon...

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