lundi 10 janvier 2011

Monday 10.01.11

At last I feel human again, that was a nasty bug and so everyone has kept away from us, and John was very lucky in escaping it entirely!!!  We have managed to get a few jobs done on the boat which we'd been putting off (like the edging on the new shelves and tidying the wheelhouse.....) and generally tidying away the stuff brought back from the UK visit.  Its amazing how stuff can be squirrelled away although 2 pairs of Jama bottoms are now recycled as dusters!! The rule is that everything new on the boat means something else has to be jettisoned, so far it is working. The weather here has settled into a rather overcast state with temperatures as high as 13 degrees, we both feel very cheated as we havent yet enjoyed the snow here, the heaviest fall being over Christmas when we were away!  We have a new friend, a 'Coypu'. A kind of giant water rat, he's over 3 feet long including his tail and met us on our return to the boat. he wasnt at all put out by the car headlights and just sat chewing his fish totally unperturbed.  he's rather heavy and makes an awful noise when he's under the boat, and lives in a storm drain near us.  We are happy to co-exist with him but he just looks horrid with that tail that is definitely a rat's tail! Ive tried to upload a picture from the internet but it won't let me so you'll just have to google search it for yourselves I'm afraid!

When we woke up this morning we had a pea-souper which made us think that Sherlock Holmes was likely to come down the river at any time, so in absence of the coypu picture you've got one of the fog instead!!

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