samedi 11 mai 2013

11.05.13 Saturday

Well we are at Ancy-le Franc but moving on today towards Dijon. We stayed our first night from Tanlay at Argentenay. My goodness that village has really suffered from the flooded River Armancon...

The river had flooded the town with the tide mark about four feet up the walls and has made a terrible mess of the roads. The bridge rtoad tarmac was completely destroyed as you can see from the pictures with the river barely going under the bridge! A bit scarey to say the least!
We moved on the next day to Ancy le Franc where we have stayed two nights. Yesterday we explored the village the other side of the bridge. It must have been a beautiful village once but is now very tumbledown without even a Boulangerie in evidence.

 This was once a lovely Inn but it was quite eerie to see the door all overgrown with weeds like something out of a fairy tale!
 Evidence of lovely old writing that had been painted on the walls.
 The World War One memorial, even a tiny village like this lost 14 men during this conflict!
 Beautiful scenery the other side of the village, it was a silent as it was pretty!

The canal waters are so high that this lock had the canal bursting over the lock gates... before they opened the sluices to let us lock up, quite scarey from the front of the boat!

Well that's all our news for now, more in a couple of days......

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