lundi 12 mars 2012


Another busy weekend has just gone!

Last Friday a friend returned to his boat in Auxerre bringing with him much needed supplies of white bread flour, cheddar cheese, bacon, and baked beans! Thank you so much Mike, it is much appreciated!

Saturday was the Dutch barge association Flag Day and we had 17 people on our boat for a buffet lunch followed by a spirited Boules match on the quayside!! When we finally waved off the last guests it was 7 hours since we had welcomed our first guests!! Thank you so much to everyone who came and made this such a fab day!

I still had to add the desserts brought by 2 of the ladies but it was well appreciated and all the food disappeared!!

Last night we had our friend Mike (of baked beans fame) to dinner with us and we all had a lovely evening, I didnt give him beans though but he DID have the audacity to ask for cheese...... Im afraid I didnt give him any cheddar either....???!!

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