lundi 27 février 2012


At last the weather has improved and we are now getting some fairly warm sunny days although it is still cold at night!
We had a fairly busy weekend , on Saturday we went and collected a stare of wood for the fire. We had run out of wood completely, except for stuff which we had dug out of the river, and that either did not burn or burnt so quickly the fire kept going out!!  We had underestimated what a stare of wood would look like and ended up making 2 trips to the countryside to collect it as it was too much for one carload.
Yesterday I was woken up horribly early, and on a sunday too, because John wanted to go to Chablis market!!

 We went but the stalls we wanted were not there, so we took Patrice for a walk around the town. Although we have been there many times it is such a beautiful place I never tire of walking around it.

John particularly liked the silhouettes one hotel was using to advertise its menus, there are rather nice actually.

I cooked us our sunday roast when we returned but poor old Patrice was worn out by the day and slept like a baby...... literally!!!

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