jeudi 6 octobre 2011

06.10.11 Thursday

We left Migennes on Tuesday and headed to Joigny where we moored for the night by the market place. it wasnt too bad a mooring except dogs are walked there by irresponsible owners who dont pick up their rubbish and guess who trod in it??? Oh well walked it off on their pavements!! We went to market yesterday and then having got John a new hat to replace the old one buried at sea (!!??!!) we headed off again. The scenery was quite wild and we loved the wide stretches of river but we werent too happy with the vast 94metre locks with only us in them!! Last night we moored at Villeneuve sur Yonne and by a stroke of good luck we have discovered free electricity so depite the rain the inside of the boat isnt gloomy today! Tomorrow we are doing the market here and then we are going to make our way slowly back to Migennes as we go back to the UK on the 14th for a week, leaving Patrice in a cattery, I know he is going to hate us for that.....
 You really would think that there were better places to sleep than on the curled up electricity shore line?? Patrice found it most comfortable!!
 Huge lock shared with 'bumper' boats, they couldnt wait to get in front of us when we left the lock though.....!!!
A submerged lock on the Yonne, you can see the wall to the right of it, could be nasty if you hit that!!

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