dimanche 18 septembre 2011

Sunday 18.09.11

We have been ubable to add to our blog as the internet connections have been so poor it has not been possible but heres a quick resume of where we have been!!
We left Auxerre on the 5th September and headed up the Nivernais canal again, but gently this time!! We spent a night at Champs sur Yonne where Patrice got stuck up a tree and we had to beg a long ladder so John could get him.... really he's worse than a child sometimes!!! We then moved to Vincelles for a couple of nights, on to Vermonton canal where we stayed one night in Vermonton and one in Accolay. Then on to Mailly la ville for 2 nights and we met up with old friends on'Wietske', Joseph and Madeleine. We spent a lovely evening putting the world to rights in a really summery evening, but we havent had any of those since, having been told that this is now Autumn!! We moved on to Mailly-le-Chateau for 2 nights (unintentionally but I wasnt feeling too good) before we returned to Chatel-Censoir for another 2 nights. We had wanted to explore Coulanges as we thought that it had looked interesting before so we went there for a night but it was very disappointing.... except we went scrumping and got wonderful peaches and walnuts! Ive never scrumped anything but apples before!! Coulanges having been very disappointing we returned to Chatel-Censoir yesterday, and spent a lovely day today exploring this beautiful old town.
 vermonton canal - unusual to see me in a photo!!
 Scrumping peaches and walnuts!
 You buy your petrol at the restaurant......

an impressive view of Mailly-le-Chateau from the canal..

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