mardi 30 août 2011


Well, Im sure that you must have wondered if we have sunk with no survivors but Im happy to report that the lack of blog is not down to our demise!!!!  We realised that we were in the canal de centre with only 15 days until my daughter visited, and that we had arranged to meet her in Auxerre!! So we commenced a mission of travelling 8 hours a day and not staying over anywhere so we could make our rendevous.We travelled the canal de centre to Digoin, the canal lateral et Loire to Decize and then the Canal de Nivernais back to Auxerre. I have to say it felt like we had come home when we arrived back on to the River frontage, although we are not paying for our stay here (at 17.90 euros per night!!!) so we are on the 'free' side but without water or electricity.... John has worked out a devious way to get water from the water fountain which involves ropes and a dead fender to keep the button pressed down!! We took photos and I was going to update the blog when we got some pick up on the dongle, but sadly the computer died with all the photos on it and so this is being written on my gas powered laptop....... We made it here in time and have had a lovely time over the last long weekend with them all here!! The girls loved the life and Darcey (4yrs) and Yvie (2yrs) settled into life afloat very well!
 Darcey driving the boat better than John!!!

 Darcey (left) and Yvie (right) sporting their snazzy life jackets!!

 The girls loved Patrice and wrapped him up in one of their 'blankie's'

 Ross wearing Yvie's sunglasses, Dominy and Yvie enjoying the sun...

and finally Patrice with his new friend 'horsey', he takes him everywhere with him.....

We are still in Auxerre and going to move on sometime this week, but we are at least back in contact with the world and the internet as long as the laptop keeps going!!!!

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